NYPD’s Twitter Campaign #Failed in the Best Way Possible
campaigns1 hour ago

New York’s finest, the NYPD, used Twitter yesterday to bolster its image by asking followers to tweet photos of themselves with New York City police officers and hashtag it ...

Iggy Azalea Stopped Crowdsurfing Because People Kept Fingering Her
iggy azalea2 hours ago

In an interview with Hot 97, Iggy Azalea tells them she had to stop crowdsurfing because people would constantly try to finger her. “I’m only doing like 2000-seaters, but I ...

A 90 MPH Fastball Hit Delino DeShields, Jr. in the Face and Now He Looks Like This
baseball7 hours ago

During a game in Frisco, Texas for Houston’s Double-A squad, Delino DeShields, Jr.’s face decided it wanted to play too and ended up catching a 90 mph fastball ...

The Rest of the Web, Tuesday, 4.22.14
other news7 hours ago

Ariana Grande’s album cover looks fantastic. I’m not going to buy it or even listen to it, but still.

Miranda Kerr Sings Now Too
bobby fox10 hours ago

Speaking of models singing. 31-year-old Australian model Miranda Kerr debuted her first single with Bobby Fox. It’s a cover of Elvis’ “You’re The Boss.” There’s a lot less ...

Gisele Bundchen Covers ‘Heart of Glass’ for H&M
blondie11 hours ago

Models can’t just model anymore. That’s so 2000. Now you have to do more. You have to have a talent or at least trick people into thinking you ...

Jay-Z and Beyonce Won’t be Attending the Spectacle That Is Kim and Kanye’s Wedding
beyonce11 hours ago

Jay-Z and Beyonce have turned down the invitation to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding in France. Mainly because they don’t want to appear on Keeping Up With The ...

Laura Prepon Isn’t Dating Tom Cruise Says Laura Prepon
denials12 hours ago

In an interview with SheKnows, Laura Prepon denies those rumors that Scientology set her and Tom Cruise up after both scored a 90% match on the e-meter. “It’s ...

Here’s Your First Look at Paul Walker’s Brothers on the Set of ‘Fast and Furious’
caleb walker12 hours ago

Were you one of the two people worried about continuity in Fast 7 now that Paul Walker is dead? Were you unconvinced that Paul’s brothers Caleb and Cody ...